Kimbo Slice’s Manager, Entourage Accused of Using Underage Girl in Adult Film

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May 8th will mark a full calendar year since Kimbo Slice participated in a mixed martial arts bout, and we haven’t heard much from the South Beach street fighter in the interim. Prior to lacing up the four ounce gloves, Slice worked as a chauffeur and bodyguard for the Miami-based porn-company Reality Kings, who he maintained as an entourage during his legitimate fight career.

Despite the porn industry’s reputation as a bastion of upstanding ethics and general goodery, Slice’s adopted family, including his manager, appears to be in hot water. The Miami New Times blog reports:

​The hardcore porn starring Bieyanka Moore– who was actually a 15-year-old runaway, according to a lawsuit filed by her mother– was distributed by RK Netmedia, owner of But according to the mother’s attorney, Mark A. Glassman, it was produced by LLL Advertising, Inc., the company owned by “Icey” Mike Imber– manager to MMA fighter Kimbo Slice.

Glassman says that LLL will soon be added to the lawsuit’s defendants.

Note: Bieyanka Moore is not the girl’s real name.

RK Netmedia claims the girl provided a Nevada learner’s permit indicating that she was 19. She is currently being held in Nevada for possession of a fake ID.

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